Service Enhancements

Hydrojelly Mask Add On - $15

Perfect right after a wax hyrdrojelly mask helps cool, soothe, and calm skin.

High Frequency Add On - $10

This treatment uses light energy to treat acne and ingrown hairs.

Microdermabrasion Add On - $45

This is mechanical exfoliation. Helps smooth textured skin, fades hyperpigmentation, gently removes dead skin cells on top layer of skin and encourages product absorption. Can be added to intimate skincare service. Not recommended same day wax!

Underarm Detox Add On - $30

Modern use of antiperspirants and other deodorants can lead to clogged pores under the arms and cause the lymphatic system not to function properly. Self Studio Signature Underarm Detox was created to detoxify the underarms by reducing toxins and impurity build up and prepare you to use natural deodorants. Service includes deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, detox mask and soothing serum leaving skin feeling refreshed!