Luxury Intimate Skincare

The OG Vajacial - $65

The OG Vajacial wants to sit back and relax. This service treatment consist of a double cleanse, enzyme scrub, extractions, steam and a 100% fresh aloe vera mask and ultimately paired with our silky post wax intimate oil to soothe and balance your skin’s natural barrier. Must be hair free. Great for ALL skin types.

Forever Young Vajacial - $75

Our Forever Young vajacial is for the kitty that wants to snap back to its youthful stage. Treatment includes moisturizing cleanse, botanical enzyme, gentle exfoliation, steam, extractions, vitamin packed mask, firming jelly mask, Radio frequency (skin toning and tightening), high frequency (boosts collagen production) gentle massage using intimate skin oil to rejuvenate skin barrier! Must be hair free Great for those who lack firmness, postpartum, aging, stretch marks, mature and dry skin.

Glo-Up Vajacial - $75

Our Glo-Up vajacial wants you to shine bright like a diamond. Glo-Up includes double cleanse, Microderm treatment (skin polishing/smoothing), steam, extractions, revitalizing mask, high frequency (to kill bacteria causing acne), brightening hydrojelly mask paired with brightening serum and moisturizing oil to help fade dark spots. Must be free of hair. Not recommended with same day wax. Great for those with dark spots, scarring, dull skin, dry skin, rough texture and dehydrated skin.

Hydra-Vajacial - $75

Hydra-Vajacial is exactly what it sounds like! Experience a deep cleanse, extractions, steam, moisture infused antioxidant serum to maximize your glow! Perfect for dry, dull, rough textured, dehydrated skin

Inner Thigh Facial - $65

Thick thighs save lives! Thigh facial comes with double cleanse, exfoliation, steam, calming mask, lightening cream and oil is massaged in leaving skin feeling silky smooth! Customizable to your skin care needs. Perfect add on to any vajacial! Perfect for chaffing, darkened skin, irritation, leathery skin, dehydrated skin, acne and ingrowns

Underarm Detox Full - $55

Our underarm detox is a natural technique that helps reduce toxins and impurities, brightens skin tone, remove build up caused by aluminum based deodorants, reduce excessive sweating, boosts immune system and minimize bacteria causing odor. Service includes: wax, deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, detox mask and hydrating serum leaving skin feeling refreshed!